Klimo Library and University Historical Exibition

The legal predecessor of the University Library of Pécs was founded and made open to the public in 1774 by the bishop György Klimo (1710-1777).

The basic works of nearly all disciplines until the 18th century can be found in the collection: works both of catholic and protestant theology, history and its auxiliary sciences (especially rich is the numismatic literature obtained for the maintenance of the medal cabinet), works of the natural sciences and medicine, mathematics, linguistics, the works of outstanding representatives of literature form previous centuries and those of banned contemporary authors who preached ideas of the Enlightenment. 

When the Elisabeth University of Bratislava, compelled to flee, moved in 1923 to Pécs.. Gyula Zichy, taking also the intention of his predecessor into consideration, gave the building of the Episcopal Library with its 33000 volumes for eternal use to the unviersity, together with the 7000 volume private collection of the Chapter of the Cathedral.

The library preserves 8 codices, 25 incunabula from the 15th century, 250 antiquas from the 16th century and more than 200 old Hungarian prints made before 1711. Parts of these are presented in glass-cabinets in the rooms on exhibitions organised from time to time. To the Episcopal Collection belongs also a globe and a celestial globe which were made in Amsterdam in 1707.

Supporters of the exhibition: National Cultural Fund, University of Pécs, University of Pécs Library and Knowledge Centre

We inform our visitors that from 1 January 2022 our exhibition will temporarily close.

Expected opening: 2023.

7621 Pécs, Szepesy Ignác utca 3.
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